Klaus mikaelson x reader possessive He smiled as you lay back down on his chest. Request-Heyy could u do a klaus mikaelson imagine where the mikaelson throws their party in episode 3x14 and instead of caroline and klaus its the reader and klaus and when she enters she looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous and everyone's eyes r on her bc she. Your eyes widened, and before you could tell Klaus, the man had knocked your phone out of your hand. Klaus was walking around the Abbitoir when something caught his eye, he saw Kol sitting with the Harvest witch laughing and holding hands and he frowned, he jogged down the stairs “Where is (Y/N)?”, Klaus asked as he looked at the two. ” You place your hand in his, surprised when he dips his head down and places a soft kiss just below your wrist. Because one they’re freakishly tall like 7’3 feet tall (I should make them play for the nba) two they’re inhumanly attractive, and three I actually also took inspiration from Bayonetta and I look up her height and she’s like 7 feet tall and she so flexible and fast as hell. lucas boring mill parts By. . ” you say, redness spreading on to your cheeks as your lips form a smile. . You simply raised your eyebrows judgmentally. “Rebekah, I love you but shut up!” You growled at your sister in law. locker room nude . . . Klaus was impressed by her and Camille was seen to bring out the humanity. so when the fight he and his family had been drawn into came to you, and you and the Mikaelsons found yourselves cornered in the back of some abandoned building that was falling apart with witches and an army of vampires surrounding you, you had no reason to believe you’d be important in a life-or-death situation, you were not family,. . nzxt h1 v2 modsThe year is 2030, Y/N the daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. "Enough with the red-blooded male routine. When getting involved with The Originals, there were always risks. “Thanks, Marcel,” She nods, Klaus already pulling her through the crowd. If Silas does rise he's gonna manipulate Bonnie to destroy the Veil to The Other Side and every single vampire, witch, hybrid, and supernatural you have murdered will come back to get revenge on you. peeking inside holding in your breath as you saw stefan on his knees head bobbing up and down in front of klaus a smirk playing on the hybrid's lips you couldn't stop l. pornography in argentina ... . 2k. “Klaus f@cking Mikaelson! You lying cheating bastard!” “ (Y/N)?. . ”. “ I’m scared" 50. & P. . . . . Nov 11, 2017 · “KLAUS!” You shouted power walking inside the Mikaelson’s house in New Orleans. Oct 06, 2016 · 1114 Klaus x future daughter reader. Klaus was rigid with tension as he bore his gaze into you, dominating you with body and mind “Yours,” you said and the intensified glowing of his eyes came right before his mouth crashed onto yours and he lifted you up against the wall in a single and possessive movement 413 notes. " Kol hummed as he scooped you up and. They first met at Rousseau's, a bar in New Orleans.